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"Im not mad at all! Im just differently sane!!!"


Prime 1 Studio is always proud to present the Clown Prince of Crime in our Museum Masterline DC Series, so today we present our top-of-the-line 1/3 Scale The Joker Say Cheese Statue!


Perhaps the best thing about The Joker is his immediate recognizability as Batmans preeminent arch-nemesis and opposite number. Hes an unparalleled DC super-villain who can hold his own against not only The Dark Knight Detective, but also gods, monsters, and other super villains!

And that
s why, to celebrate the multitude of ways The Joker is the best super villain ever, Prime 1 Studio offers you, our loyal DC fans, his most expressive statue to date! In the 39 inches tall Say Cheese, we find that The Joker has gotten the drop on Robin and bound him tightly! And right as the Ace of Knaves releases an aerosolized version of his toxic Joker Venom, which threatens to suffocate the Boy Wonder, The Joker chooses this exact moment to call The Caped Crusader and taunt him! The Joker truly possesses a warped mind!


Prime 1 Studio artists worked together to fully realize the Harlequin of Hate at the top of his game. We have sculpted The Jokers suit to impeccable exactness, crafting the perfect wrinkles, pleats, seams, and textures to reveal that his style is as important as his substance. The Jokers grimace carries the fatal malice in his heart as he stares face to face with Batman. Weve made sure to take our comic book references seriously and sculpt the perfect hair, lines and expression into The Jokers face. Our painters have been hard at work rendering this statue with the utmost heightened realism to bring you a dazzlingly colorful figure! The depth and volume of The Jokers face are subtly rendered with fine airbrushing, his suit is a powerful purple, which sets off the verdant greens of the rest of the statue.


Weve equipped The Joker with a mobile phone on a selfie stick, with which he is probably offering The Batman some sort of last-minute deal for Robins life. While in his other hand, weve crafted a finely detailed cane, which shows off the level of care and craftsmanship we have put into this creation!


Last but not least, The Joker is standing on an imperiled Robin, as Joker Venom gas is quickly enveloping him. Not a mere throwaway base embellishment, this Robin has received as much attention as the rest of the statue in detail and appearance. Weve imbued the gas swirling around him with an ethereal quality through our lifelike sculpting and talented paintwork. All you need to do is turn the statue to reveal and enjoy even more easter eggs that weve included in this one-of-a-kind offering that is sure to delight fans of The Joker and of Prime 1 Studio alike.


Since you can never have enough statues of The Joker in your life, hurry and grab this one for yourself today!


[Product Specifications]



[Product Specifications]

Statue Size approximately 39 inches tall [H:99cm W:43cm D:34cm]

Robin Surrounded by Swirling Joker Venom Gas theme base

Two (2) Head Stands Bust

Three (3) Swappable Head Portraits

Two (2) Swappable Left Arms (Joker Cane, Fedora Hat)

Three (3) Swappable Right Arms (Selfie Stick, BANG! Flag Pistol, Joker Grenade)

Two (2) Swappable Bonus Right Arms (Crowbar, Knife) [BONUS PART]



Prototype samples are shown.

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Material & Weight

Statue Material: Polystone & Other Materials

Statue Weight:

Deluxe Version: 66lbs (29.8kg)